Friday, December 19, 2008

Baby Jesus and Liquor

Last Saturday we did a "Gift Revolution" event at the "Fort Lauderdale Boat Parade".
It is an awesome event that is held this time each year. The idea is that boats decorate in all kinds of Christmas and holiday decorations. They give out prizes in a bunch of different categories. It really is a great event and has a great impact on the city.
While we were standing on the side of the waterway I noticed a boat docked beside us. As I looked down I saw that they had a Nativity display on the back of the boat. I looked above the Nativity display and there was a bar all set up for the evening.

It all felt a little weird for me. I just don't think God intended for Baby Jesus and liquor to be in the same boat!

Come check out What God did intend for us to experience at Christmas.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Gift Revolution

The stories that are coming in to "The Gift Revolution" are awesome!
Check them out...

Monday, December 8, 2008

MMM Good!!!

Yesterday afternoon I went down to my friend Arnold's house in Hialeah. I love Hialeah. Just driving down there yesterday brought back a lot of great memories.
Arnold invited us and some friends over because he was roasting a pig and celebrating some birthdays.

We had an awesome time and the food was incredible. I love my Cuban friends and the culture that is still strong among them. They love their families and if you are their friend you become part of their family. That is the way we felt last night.
My favorite part of the whole day was watching Arnold's father. He was so happy yesterday. His face was glowing with excitement. He was excited about the pig and the people that were there. He was sharing stories about Cuba and his family with anyone who would listen. He told me one story that lasted about ten to twelve minutes before hre realized that I don't speak spanish. He just laughed, patted me on the back and snuck another bite of pork. I really enjoyed watching him and the joy he was experiencing. He ate a lot! Every time we would turn around he was sneaking a little more pork.

I also thought about what a gift it was for Arnold and his family. The memories that were created will be cherished before long.
Thanks Arnold for letting us be a part of your family and the memories that were made.

Friday, December 5, 2008

On the other end

I was on the receiving end of "The Gift Revolution" today.
My sister-in-law lives with us. She moved in with us after my wife's mother passed away a few months ago. Lisa is very special to our family. She has special needs and continues to be a bright spot in our lives.
I was getting ready to take her to work this morning. She has a job at Publix and bags groceries three days a week. Before we left she told me she had something for me. She came in the office and handed me a "Gift Revolution" card. She then handed me ten dollars and told me to go by Starbucks after I dropped her off and get me a coffee.
She was so excited!

I was excited too.
I was happy for her because she is seeing the importance of this revolution.
"The Gift Revolution" is an opportunity to change the world. I have been on the giving end every day since it started. Today it was pretty awesome being on the other end.
Thanks Lisa!
It is cool to help change the world with you.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Good Stuff!!!

Major stuff going on at FRC!!!!

Check out these two video pieces and it will help you to understand.