Saturday, July 26, 2008


I just returned from Peru this past Thursday morning. 

I led a group of students from FRC on a missions trip to our campus in Lima, Peru. It was a long night flying back on Spirit Air.
I think most of our team was exhausted from the flight and the trip.

We had an awesome trip and I believe it was life changing for several that went down with us.
I am constantly amazed at some of the students I see around FRC.
We have some great leaders in the making and some of them were on this trip. When I see students like these I feel better about the future.
I am convinced that some of the ones on this trip will help to change the world we live in.
Here are some pictures and highlights from our trip.

Josh and Keith Inviting local college students to FRC Lima

David eating Guinea Pig

Dorcas explaining the new laptop given to the girl's orphanage

Our student's leading worship at the FRC Lima Youth Service

Bob with a new friend at Pachacutec (shanty town outside Lima)

Our team with the pastor and friends at Pachacutec

These kinds of trips change lives. I believe that is true for both those going and the ones we work with while there.

We have another trip in October for adults.
If you are interested in going you can get some info from our missions page at FRC.

Check out Craig Stephen's thoughts about the trip on his blog.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Got Gas???

This whole gas thing will give you gas.

I took this picture while we were in South Carolina last week.
We actually saw one station that was selling regular gas for $3.749.
I know state taxes have a lot to do with it but it is funny to see the difference in prices from state to state.
Whatever happened to hydrogen?
It is no more flammable than the gas we use now and the key source for it is water!!!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Out and In

I have been out for the last couple of weeks and got back in yesterday.

We went to South Carolina and a couple of other places on the way up and back.

Kelli and I were able to get a few days alone on the front part of our trip.
I always enjoy time with my wife. She continues to show me how much God has blessed me.

I have a few photos and highlights I will share over the next couple of days.

It was good to be back at FRC this weekend. I always realize how much I miss my church when I return and walk back in.

We had a great time out but we are glad to be back in!!!