Friday, May 23, 2008


My friend and bigger than that my pastor is Troy Gramling.
Right now he is with his mother in Charlotte NC. She has a brain aneurysm.
I am asking you to pray for her.
Her name is Linda and she is a great lady.
As of late I understand how important it is to pray for your parents. My wife and I have lost two in the last two months.
I am making it a point to pray for her several times a day.
I hope you will join in this.

Father I lift Linda to you right now. I am praying that you will give the doctors and nurses wisdom as they work with her. Our prayer is that you would heal her Father.
I also pray for Troy and the rest of their family. I ask that you would give then strength, wisdom, and a comfort during this time that only you can give.
We love you and trust you Father,
In the name of Christ,

Monday, May 19, 2008


It is Sunday night and I am sitting at the airport waiting on my wife to fly in from Boston. Pearl Jam is playing on the radio. It is one of the few songs I like by them. I think the song is called "Alive".
I think the airport is one of the best places to watch people. I
really enjoy watching people. God has made each of us in such a unique way.
We often think others are so peculiar.
I am sure they think the same thing when they look at us.

I am convinced the lady sitting in front of me is on some type of mind- altering drug though. She keeps hanging out of her car and doing some very strange things. Come to think of it my kids tell me I'm strange sometimes. I think they are right.

Why are we so judgmental when people are different from what we are?

  • Maybe we are insecure!
  • Maybe the people we are looking at are secure and confident in who
they are.
  • Maybe that is why they are free enough to be strange.
Strange isn't it?????