Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Myths About Megachurches

I found this to be an interesting article on large churches. At FRC we are a large church but it allows us to do so much more to make a difference in our community. I am proud of our church and the way that God has blessed us. This article below shares some great insight on churches like ours. Here at FRC we exist to partner with people to reach their God-potential as they: connect with God, become like Christ, and influence their world.
Myths About Megachurches
New Research Debunks 11 Common Misconceptions

HARTFORD, Conn. — According to a groundbreaking new research study released by Leadership Network and Hartford Seminary’s Hartford Institute for Religion Research, many of the most widely held beliefs about megachurches couldn't be farther from the truth.

The Megachurches Today 2005 survey includes more than 1,800 churches that were contacted by e-mail, phone and mail since last June, with complete data for more than 400 qualifying congregations received, tabulated and analyzed.

The wide-ranging survey includes data on the many attributes that together define the nature and impact of megachurches in our society. Collectively, the results debunk 11 of the most common beliefs about megachurches:

MYTH: All megachurches are alike.

REALITY: They differ in growth rates, size and emphasis.

MYTH: All megachurches are equally good at being big.

REALITY: Some clearly understand how to function as a large institution, but others flounder.

MYTH: There’s an over-emphasis on money in the megachurches.

REALITY: The data disputes this.

MYTH: Megachurches are not serious about Christianity.

REALITY: Megachurches generally have high spiritual expectations and serious orthodox beliefs.

MYTH: Megachurches are not deeply involved in social ministry.

REALITY: Considerable ministry is taking place at and through these churches.

MYTH: All megachurches are pawns of or power brokers to George Bush and the Republican Party.

REALITY: The vast majority of megachurches are not politically active.

MYTH: All megachurches have huge sanctuaries and enormous campuses.

REALITY: Megachurches make widespread use of multiple worship services over several days, multiple venues, and even multiple campuses.

MYTH: All megachurches are nondenominational.

REALITY: The vast majority belong to some denomination.

MYTH: All megachurches are homogeneous congregations with little diversity.

REALITY: A large and growing number are multi-ethnic and intentionally so.

MYTH: Megachurches grow primarily because of great programming.

REALITY: Megachurches grow because excited attendees tell their friends.

MYTH: The megachurch phenomenon is on the decline.

REALITY: The data suggests that many more megachurches are on the way.

Downloadable copies of the complete Megachurches Today 2005 survey are available at and