Sunday, June 22, 2008


I am reading a book called "The Milkshake Moment" by Steven S. Little that I picked up in the airport in Chicago last week. It is a book about "overcoming stupid systems, pointless policies, and muddled management to realize real growth".

Little called by some "The Growth Guru" gives some great growth insights in this book. It starts with a personal story of frustration over poor customer service. Stories, examples, and advice are given to help practical leadership growth occur.

Here are some "extra toppings" as he calls them that I grabbed today...
  • Accept that tension is inherent in any organization
  • Recognize that the information age rewards thinking
  • Don't waste your time managing the cash cow
Thinking is one of the values that we hold at FRC. Values are vital to any organization. It is confirming and motivating when you read, hear, or see the values you hold being lifted and used.
What are the values that you or the organization you are a part of hold. Are you living them out?
Do you see the people around you living them out?

If you can answer yes to these questions then go get a milkshake and celebrate!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This past weekend my wife and I were in Chicago. When I got up on Sunday morning and picked up my soon to be "old I-Phone" I started receiving text messages and e-mails. Almost all of them had the same theme. They were from friends and family sending "Happy Father's Day" messages.

The thing that made this so unique was they were not from my children. They were from those who wanted to invest in my life on a difficult day to encourage me.
As I tossed around in bed that morning before getting up I played the mind game for a while. I was contemplating on how I would try not to think about it being Father's day because that would mean I would call my dad first thing when I got up. At least that is what I would do every year until now. My dad was always an early riser so I would never have to worry about waking him up. It would also mean that I would have to face the pain of my first Father's day without him.

When I got up I did think about Father's day. I did push back the tears and hurt of my father not being here to receive my call. I took a moment and thanked God for all the awesome memories I have of my dad and then started receiving encouragement, love, and care from those that were sensitive to my needs on a tough day.

I was reminded again of the importance of encouragement and the difference that it makes.

When we made it back home Sunday night after a full day of traveling adventures and delays, I was greeted by my daughters with a homemade meal, gifts, and a lot of love.

Sunday was a good day!

 It became another day of thought, thankfulness, encouragement, love, and healing.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I spent some time this week with a friend who was hurt by members in his family. 

I spent some time last night with a friend who was blessed by members in his family.

A friend of mine once told me that "the best and worst part of life was family". I know that there is some truth in that statement.

I sometimes say in joking but I guess still sharing truth that "everyone has a crazy aunt they keep in the closet". I heard that somewhere and at times it makes sense to me. I also wonder why it wasn't the uncle instead of the aunt.
I have heard some say, "you can choose your wife but you can't choose your family".

I was at a wedding last night. It was our First Impressions Director Melissa Nadlman's daughter Ansley's wedding. It was a beautiful event from the beginning to the end.

My favorite part of any wedding is watching people dance. There were some go-getters out there on the dance floor; in many ways!!!

One of the things that I observed last night was family.
I kept watching Melissa and her husband Jeff as they were watching their daughter and other family members. Their faces glowed with love, excitement and pride. They weren't missing anything. They reminded me of the mother duck in my back yard right now that is watching over her little ducklings.
I kept telling my wife, "look at Melissa's face", "look at at Jeff". It was fun watching their smiles and tears of joy in this moment.
What I saw last night was a family making memories. They were making the kind of memories that they will talk about and share for the rest of there life.

I really believe that one of the best parts of family is making those kinds of memories.
I can still remember some of the fun things that my family did when I was a kid. I have some of those memories now with my wife and kids.

I don't know what your family was like. I don't know if you have good or bad memories.
What I do know is you can change all of that now.

Start making memories that will last you a lifetime.

If you don't have a family, look around!
Our family doesn't just stop with those that live in our house it expands to those we do life with.
I believe the best place to find that is at church!
I love our church. "FRC"!

Congrats to Rob and Ansley! Go make some memories!

Monday, June 2, 2008


We had an awesome weekend at FRC.
I had the privilege of speaking this weekend and that was a lot of fun.
Thanks for the opportunity Pastor Troy!

We ended the weekend with a beach baptism and celebration concert. We baptized 209 people and there was so much energy at the concert.

It was an amazing weekend!

I got this e-mail from a friend that was very encouraging.

Wanted to say good job yesterday! I went through a self focused "poor me" month or so and your teaching yesterday helped me to emerge or at least begin to emerge out the other side. Kinda hard sometimes to remember that it isn't about me! Then God did as he does and when I picked up my Bible this morning I finished Esther and what comes next - you got it, Job! My poor me episode seems so pitiful. Just wanted to say thanks!

I have to be honest!
It is easy to get in the "poor me" place. I think it is harder getting out than getting in.
I really believe this is something most of us struggle with we just don't always admit it.
To do so may show some of our weak spots.
That is not something I enjoy doing.

When I get there I have to get honest with myself. I look at where I really am, I try to see what got me there, and then I try and take the steps to get out.
Those steps can vary based upon who you are and what the situation is.

Sometimes God puts things in your life to encourage you when your in what I call "the funk".

That is what this weekend was. I really believe God knew a lot of us needed it.

Thanks for incredible weekends God!