Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Garland, Dad is in heaven now

I got a text message from my friend Jose on Sunday night that said, "Garland, Dad is in heaven now".
Jose's dad has been battling cancer for a long time. We knew the time was drawing near for him to pass on.
My response to him was, "I am happy for him and praying for you".
It is such a comfort when we know someone is going to heaven. That is the promise God gives us in the Bible when we have a relationship with Christ.

I am very confident that Jose's dad is in heaven and I am happy for him.
I had the privilege of baptizing him just a month ago.

Some of you may have seen the video at FRC on the weekend a few weeks ago.

I had the privilege today to do his celebration service this morning.

It was one of those happy yet sad times.

It was sad because we will miss this great man.
This is a man who brought his family to the United States with nothing from Cuba. He worked hard and made sure his family had everything they needed to be successful in life.
His was one of those stories that you could write a book about.

I am glad he did what he did because I was able to meet a man that I could respect. I am also grateful because his son has become a close friend to me.
We will all miss him.

It was a happy time because of the text I received Sunday night.
What a gift from God to receive the message, "Garland, Dad is in heaven now".

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Family Fun Night

This weekend we are having "Friend Day" at FRC.
We are pumped and expecting a great weekend. Another thing that we are encouraging our friends at FRC to do is move to Saturday night if they come on Sunday morning.
The biggest reason for this is so that we can provide more room on Sunday for growth.
To help with this whole process we will be having "Family Fun Night" this Saturday night.
If you are a part of our FRC family make sure you invite your friends this weekend and bring them to one of our Saturday night services.
See you then!!!